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Missions in the Time of COVID

    Sep 30, 2020 |

    Although we are all dealing with doing things differently, the Missions Committee has continued to meet (by Zoom), plan, and carry out things that we can do. One of our most supported projects has always been Operation Christmas Child. This year, it is even more important that we support this project. There will be a packing party—date to be announced—this year. If you feel that you cannot go out, but would like to contribute, feel free to give money to Susan Hedgepeth or Lynn Roberts, and we will shop for you. In addition, if you have anything else to contribute, please place things in one of the boxes at church or call Lynn Roberts at 757-286-7432 and Sharon Hollemon and I will be glad to pick up things.

     One of the activities that we had planned this year was a Missions Fair to give everyone an opportunity to get information about all of the things that Smithfield Baptist Church supports and to allow you to make and leave some special things for the Operation Christmas Child boxes. We had to postpone the Fair until 2021. One of the things we planned to give out was cans titled “Loose Change for Missions.” These cans were meant to be used to contribute to the three special mission offerings. These are very likely familiar to you:  Lottie Moon for International Missions, collected in December, Annie Armstrong, collected in late March (often around Easter) for Home Missions, and the Alma Hunt offering collected in September for State Missions. Instead of waiting until the Fair, most likely in April of 2021, we would like to make these available for use now. Cans will be placed in the foyer of the sanctuary. Please take one or more if you would like to help this effort. In the past, they have been a very simple tool used to meet our mission contribution goals.

     Thank you for your support in the past and now.


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