Spiritual Gift Discovery


Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

God has gifted each Christian in unique and special ways to serve and bless the body of Christ and share the gospel with the world. Many times we are asked or try to serve God in areas in which we are not gifted and we can feel ineffective or even frustrated in our service and ministry. As Christians if we want to be a blessing and experience God’s blessing to the fullest through Christian service we must serve and minister in the areas in which God has gifted us.

The church staff invites and encourages you to take the following Spiritual Gifts Analysis so you can discover how God, in his divine workmanship, has created you to serve him and the body of Christ at Smithfield Baptist Church. The Spiritual Giftedness Guide will provide you with an explanation of each Spiritual Gift and the Ministry/Committee Table will help you see where your gifts can be expressed through the ministries and committees of the church.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Click on the Team Ministry website (www.teamministry.com) and click on “Free Spiritual Gifts Analysis for Individual Users” and follow the directions provided to take your analysis. Once you have completed the analysis and click on submit you will receive by email the results of your analysis.
  2. Click on the “Spiritual Giftedness Guide” to learn more about your Spiritual Gifts and how they can be expressed in ministry and service at Smithfield Baptist Church.
  3. Forward a copy of your Spiritual Gifts Analysis to Rev. Timothy Lipp at tim@smithfieldbaptist.org.
  4. Seek out ways to join God in the work that he is doing at and through Smithfield Baptist Church by using your giftedness. If you would like to talk about ways you can do this please contact Dr. Don Rhoton or Rev. Timothy Lipp.




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