Combined worship service in the Sanctuary at 11am beginning June 21NOTICE

Smithfield Baptist Church Phase One Reopen Plan 

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While acknowledging it is still safer to worship from home, Smithfield Baptist Church will open our worship centers at 100 Wainwright Drive, Smithfield, VA for Sunday Services at 8:30am and 11:00am starting 31 May 2020.  For persons who feel safer worshiping from home, we will live stream the services on our social media

Given the public health implications of the 2020 global pandemic, our worship services will strictly adhere to VDH and CDC guidelines published at: .   Please review this guideline before deciding to worship at the church.

General Information

  • The Smithfield Baptist Church facilities will be open to worshippers for Sunday Worship Services only. All other activities, such as choir and meetings, remain suspended.
  • Please do not come to the facility if you have a fever, symptoms of COVID-19, or have been exposed to a COVID-19 case in the prior 14 days.
  • Instructions will be posted at entry points. For safety and comfort, please follow the posted instructions and guidance of the Ushers and Safety personnel.  Please ask questions if you need additional information.
    • Due to the requirement to separate the entry and exit doors, Ushers and Safety Personnel will guide entry, seating, and exit procedures. Exiting will be by row at the end of the service. To reduce the need to touch surfaces, doors will remain open during entry and exit times.
    • All persons must don a facemask before entering the building and wear it until they exit the worship center. This is mandatory. We encourage worshippers to bring their own masks, but disposable masks will be available at entry points.  We realize wearing masks for long periods of time can be taxing for some people. We will shorten the services to approximately 45 minutes to make it easier to remain in masks throughout the service.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available at entry and exit points. Protective gloves are not required but are highly encouraged. A limited supply of disposable gloves will be available at the entry points.
    • We encourage people to continue online giving. We will not pass collection plates. However, offering plates will be available at entry or exit points. 
  • Except for family members, please refrain from physical contact when greeting or talking to one another in the parking lot or inside the facility.

Worship Service Information  (We recommend the Traditional Service for high-risk individuals.)

  • Sunday school will still be virtual from 9:45am to 10:30am. We encourage classes to conduct lessons up front and prayers toward the end so persons can sign out and head to church without missing the lesson.
  • The Blended-style Worship Service will be 11:00am - 11:45am. Occupancy is restricted to the Main Sanctuary.
    • Enter through the vestibule at the front of the church. Doors will remain open for entry and exit. Ushers and safety personnel will guide entry on one side and exit on the opposite side.
    • To maintain social distancing, we will only utilize every other pew. Seating spots are marked for individuals and families.  
    • Please use the restrooms inside the vestibule. Only one person can be in the restroom unless you are assisting a family member.  Ushers will monitor the restrooms to control occupancy

We realize these requirements are restrictive and cause some inconvenience.  But they are required to allow persons to worship in an environment that acknowledges the need for both physical and spiritual wellness.  Please be patient and gracious with one another as we work through processes to minimize health risks while allowing us to worship together again.  Contact the church office at (757) 357-2536 or by email if you have questions.     

updated 7 July 2020