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Gideons Sunday

Join us Sunday morning at either the 8:30 am Open Door Service or 11am Traditional Service to hear Pastor Elliott Osowitt share his testimony how a Gideon Bible helped him find Jesus Christ.

Pastor Elliott Osowitt was born in Los Angeles in 1949 into a Reform Jewish family. He was a faithful attendee in the synagogue but didn't express a love for God.

Elliott was Bar Mitzvah at age 13, confirmed at 16, and entered the Army at 17.  He became a Christian in the early part of 1997 and two years later, went to Bible college. He was ordained as a minister of the Gospel on April 14, 2002. With the support of a few extraordinary men and his wife, Elliott became the founding pastor of Faith Fellowship in 2007 located in Jefferson, NC where he retired as Pastor this past December. 

  Pastor Elliott and Polly Osowitt

Speaker: Elliott Osowitt
January 26, 2020

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