The Joy of Serving

True joy and fulfillment come when one gives of themselves to others.  Christ’s entire ministry revolved around giving, sacrifice, meeting needs, and generosity.   When we give of ourselves, our worries and daily challenges become diminished. We bolster our self-esteem, and we find purpose in life by helping others. A life that is Spirit-led by God is more fulfilling!

We invite you to find your niche here at Smithfield Baptist and allow God to use your gifts and talents.

Ever Wonder About God?

Watch this five-minute video that explains the GOSPEL. Click HERE for more information.

Guest Services

It is crucial to make a positive impression on everyone who enters our doors. Team members include Greeters, Ushers, Welcome Desk, and Open Door Service check-in.

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Bread Ministry

Be part of a wonderful ministry of delivering bread to families new to our community. It's a wonderful way to introduce them to Smithfield and inviting them to worship!

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Not Sure Where to Serve?

Want to Serve, but not sure where?  Or, do you want more information?  Select “Help Me!” and complete the contact form and someone will assist you.

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Music and Drama

The Music and Drama team’s objective is to enhance the church’s worship services with music, songs and drama. Our purpose is to glorify God and encourage others through our ministry to commit their lives to the Lord.

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Senior Adult

The Senior Adult Team develops and coordinates activities for the Senior Adult church members. We foster spiritual growth and health, age-level educational pursuits, evangelistic outreach, and fellowship events.

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Fellowship and Food Services

Fellowship and Food Service is a great place to serve. The love of cooking is a plus but not required. The only requirement is a calling from Jesus. Come experience the joy, love, and blessings our ministry has to offer!

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Grounds Team

The Grounds Team oversees the upkeep and general maintenance of the church grounds to maintain. The duties include landscaping, lawn care, snow removal, and other duties when they arise.

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Youth Ministries

Volunteers are needed to provide our youth guidance and support as they navigate through the most challenging part of their development and seek to grow in their walk with Christ.

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Benevolence and Service

The Benevolence and Service Team assists families with dire needs throughout the Smithfield community. The team also partners with the local United Christian Ministries Program.

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