Spiritual Gift Analysis

Spiritual Gift Analysis

God has gifted each Christian in unique and special ways to serve. Many times, we attempt to serve God in areas where we do not have the talent or gifts.  Ineffectiveness and frustration will result when we do.

We want to be a blessing to others and serve God according to His will.  Our first step is to discover what gifts God has given us for the purpose of building up the body of Christ.

Smithfield Baptist invites you to take the Spiritual Gifts Analysis to discover how you can serve God effectively. The Spiritual Giftedness Guide will provide you with an explanation of each Spiritual Gift and the Ministry and Committee Table will help you see where your gifts can be expressed through the ministries of the church.

How to get started:

  1. Go to teamministry.com and follow the instructions  on their page. Once you have completed the analysis and click on submit, and you will receive by email the results of your analysis.
  2. Feel free to share a copy of your Spiritual Gifts Analysis with us. 
  3. Seek out ways to serve God. A leader at Smithfield Baptist will be happy to meet with you about ways how you can serve. Contact the church office to schedule a meeting by calling 757-357-2536 or email .