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Small Groups Survey

Beginning September 13th, we are looking to begin small groups of four called “Jesus Groups.” Anyone is welcomed as part of the group of four, especially neighbors and friends who may be “seekers” or new to your neighborhood. 

The purpose of these groups is to provide fellowship, explore what Jesus did in His Ministry, and Learn and understand how Jesus made disciples and how that is relevant to us today. We accomplish this by reading through the Bible, understanding our calling (gifting), and how to fulfill that calling.

 To give you the best possible small group experience, Smithfield Baptist would like to ask you to take a couple of minutes to complete this simple survey. The results will impact decisions we make about small group communities. Thank you in advance for your input. Your responses will be anonymous. We are looking for trends, not individual responses.

Small Groups

14. How often do you attend church?*

15. How committed would you be to your small group?*

16. Do you prefer to meet with a group at the church on Sunday during Sunday School?*

17. Do you prefer to meet with a group in a home during the week or at a time of the group’s choosing?*

18. Have you ever shared your faith with another individual?*