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Calling all kiddos! We care so much for each child that walks through the door. Children's Church meets at 8:45am right before the Praise Team completes their worship songs in the Open Door Service. We also have Sunday School for children that begins at 9:40am and finishes at 10:40am in our main building. Learn more about our classrooms, our team, and even the curriculum we use.


Christian fellowship is a spiritual necessity. God intends that we have fellowship with Him and with each other. The former feeds the latter, and the latter requires constant feeding for its own deepening and enrichment. Fellowship between Christians cements our fellowship with God. Join us as we fellowship with each other and seek to grow in our faith!


The youth is beginning a survey of the Old Testament, learning the key elements of each book, the author, the date it was written and how God’s plan of salvation through Christ is written throughout the Old Testament.

Serve on Sundays

Giving back is so important. We love our neighbors and Isle of Wight county. Find a place to serve today!

Communications Ministry

Do you have a background in photography, videography, and audio technology? Consider using your gifts to serve the Christian community at Smithfield Baptist. This ministry provides support for our website, worship ministry, and to our pastor and speakers. We place a high value on technical excellence and the spiritual maturity of all team members. We have a rotation of team members, and most serve every other Sunday to once a month.

Mission Trips

We are supporting various mission initiatives that need lots of prayer and support. Sign up to send letters, sponsor a team, or attend a missions committee meeting to learn all the exciting things we do!

Launching Food Drive

It was when Christ had redeemed us, and we in Him had received the position of children, that the Father sent forth the Spirit of His Son into our hearts to cry, 'Abba, Father.' The worship in spirit is the worship of the Father in the Spirit of...

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We’re glad you’re here and want to help you connect, find a Bible study group, and get to events for you and/ or your family.

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