NextGeneration Ministries
Our Core Commitments

As we live out our mission, we adhere to the following commitments:

Partnering with Parents
We recognize the role that parents have in the spiritual development of their child. Deuteronomy 6 demonstrates that parents are ultimately responsible for the faith formation of their children. Our role is to equip and encourage parents in their God-given role as disciple-makers.

Nurturing a Place of Belonging
We strive to create and maintain a place of belonging for each child regardless of socioeconomic background, ability/disability, age, gender, or any other differences. We desire for each kid and youth to be physically safe from harm and to be noticed, named, and known whenever they are with us.

Communicating the Truth
We craft core biblical truths into engaging and relevant experiences. We will lead our kids and youth into understanding the biblical story (Creation/Fall/Redemption/New Creation) and how they fit into that story.  We teach from the standpoint that Jesus is the center of that story and has provided life and joy to all who follow Him. Grace, therefore, is central to our teaching and we attempt to steer clear of promoting a behavior modification approach with our kids and youth. Instead, we aim to allow the Holy Spirit to transform our kids and youth through the truth and power of Scripture.

Developing Everyday Faith
We aim to show our kids and youth how authentic faith in Jesus leads them to love God and others at home, school, and other places throughout the week. We promote learning and living out the faith seven days a week.

Providing Service Opportunities
We know that one of the most important factors in faith formation is service. Our kids and youth will be given the chance to serve within the church and have opportunities throughout the year to serve locally and globally.