Intercessory prayer
Intercessory prayer is the selfless sacrifice of our time to stand in the gap for others. It’s when we pray for our fellow believers and for others. It’s when we pray for the lost to be saved. It is when we wage war with the forces of darkness for the souls of the lost and for the spiritual maturity of the saved.

Relational Evangelism

Mobilizing students to lovingly and intentionally reach other kids and youth with the Good News of Jesus is core to impactful ministry. Those who engage in relational evangelism get to witness firsthand the transforming power of the Holy Spirit at work in the lives of those they lead to faith in Christ!

Leadership Modeling
Leaders are aligned with a common language and strategy so that they fully embrace the mission, vision, and values of our ministry. Jesus said, “A disciple is not above his teacher, but everyone when he is fully trained will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40). What’s true of a rabbi is true of a youth leader. If we want our students to prioritize prayer and relational evangelism, our leaders must consistently set the pace personally.

Discipleship Multiplication

Disciple multiplication is what made the early church grow so quickly. People came to Christ, and then, in turn, shared the good news with their friends and family, who came to Christ and shared the gospel with others. This same principle of exponential growth that was true in the early church can also be true in our church and community. As the kids and youth in our ministry begin to reach other kids and youth with the gospel, disciples will be made as our community is reached with the good news!

Bold Vision Creation

Our vision needs to be so big that God has to show up or we will never accomplish it. Our vision should be so big that a continual supply of leaders need to be recruited to help accomplish it. Pursuing a bold vision across the street, across the tracks and around the world will trigger miracles we never imagined. Lives will be changed, souls will be saved, and tragic situations will be transformed. And our believing kids and youth will never be the same because we invited them to join us in the pursuit of a bold vision for the glory of God that brought focus to our ministry efforts and impacted our calendar and programming.

Biblical Outcome Measurement

We will prayerfully and purposefully identify the specific, measurable, biblical outcomes that we are actually aiming towards. Identifying the qualitative and quantitative outcomes we’re looking for prompts us to rearrange our annual calendar and our ministry programs so that they more consistently and purposefully drive toward the biblical outcomes God has laid on our heart. And then measuring and monitoring those outcomes on an ongoing basis gives us a standard by which to assess whether our ministry efforts are actually producing the fruit we want to see in and through our teenagers.

Program Integration
We will fuse the first 6 values into our annual calendar and ministry programs as we relentlessly commit to our priorities. We will be motivated by our vision and conviction, being decisive and clear, and most importantly, let any changes be driven by a season of prayer.